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Re: Which DAW to choose?

Originally Posted by aethervagrant View Post
As a total noob trying to find what I like best and how to approach this beast of a hobby, Ive become a bit of a DAWwhore. As of right now Im not exactly proficient in any of them, but I greatly enjoy REnoise for playing my drum and percussion sequences and short melodies , and its sampler and effects are amazing, i bounce those to audio and arrange, add modulations, found audio samples, in FL Studio. Ableton Live seems the most fun to trigger loops and backing tracks and jam along with, but ive yet to arrange anything in it.
I think that's totally the right mentality. They all have free trials and they all have different high and low points and workflows. It's all about what works best for you.

There's also nothing wrong with using more than one DAW, either via Rewire or just exporting tracks/stems. I do most of my writing and sound design in Ableton because I love the tools, but I record and mixdown in Reaper because Ableton's mixer sucks nuts and Reaper's routing is great and it's scriptable.


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Re: Which DAW to choose?

Ableton is great for turning your ideas to reality quickly. I've switched from logic and it made a big difference. However logic still works better for mixing.


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