Loom In Essence - .Wav To The Future EP
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Loom In Essence
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Loom In Essence - .Wav To The Future EP

Hey guys, happy to announce my new .Wav To The Future EP is available for purchase at most online retailers!! Here's a little description of the inspiration for each track, I hope they help give the tunes some life and imagery for you.
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While exploring a deep sea Spanish shipwreck from the 1500s on a recovery mission for the Smithsonian, a diver notices a luminous glow awith an intertwining pattern of mellow drones emanating from underneath the crates and vases in the ship's cargo area. After digging through the pile of artifacts and finally reaching the source of light, he finds himself floating just inches away from what appears to be an orb of pure energy. He reaches out to touch it and is teleported to a dome-like room overlooking a sub-aquatic metropolis consisting of hundreds of enormous 'surface' scrapers made of a glowing, iridescent substance. It seems the inhabitants of this world have converted to shear energy and light, and appear as an outline of the human anatomy. They are telepathic beings, and explain to him through thought that they are an ancient civilization that has achieved true enlightenment. A rush of images ensues, millions of bits of information per second for what seems like an eternity, until the entire history of their race is revealed to him. But, just as he is about to respond, he's overtaken by another rushing sensation, only this time he is being pulled away. Seconds later finds himself staring at the orb in the cargo area of the old Spanish ship. A comrade's call for assistance jolts his head away from the light, and when he turns to observe it again before assisting, the light has vanished without a trace. The realization comes to him that not only has he visited another world, but that he in fact traveled on the .Wav To The Future.


In the ancient Hindu spiritual texts, or Vedas, Aditi is mother of the gods from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space and with mystic speech. This is the musical representation of when she created everything that exists within and without our universe. In the case of the listener, the music is Aditi and your mind is her vessel of creation.


Algol (β Per, Beta Persei), known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright star in the constellation Perseus. It is one of the best known eclipsing binaries, the first such star to be discovered, and also one of the first (non-nova) variable stars to be discovered. Algol is actually a three-star system (Beta Persei A, B, and C) in which the large and bright primary Beta Persei A is regularly eclipsed by the dimmer Beta Persei B. There is also a secondary eclipse when the brighter star occults the fainter secondary. The music in this song represents the journey to the Algol star system, the kinds of entities that might be found there, the interactions between the different races of the system and ourselves, and finally the journey back to Earth.

Enjoy, leave some comments, share with your friends, and take care of yourselves. Much Love!!



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