DJs like James Holden (Border Community)
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DJs like James Holden (Border Community)

I'm looking to expand my music collection. I posted this in the House & Dubstep forum, but this is probably the better place for it.

I love the music produced by Border Community and mixed by James Holden (especially in his 2005-2009 era). I find it's music full of soul and character, with very memorable tracks. Typical tracks in this genre are Extrawelt/Ricardo Tobar/Alex Smoke/Nathan Fake/Oxia productions.

I was wondering if there are other James Holden/Border Community fans here, who have been able to find music in that same specific genre. Does it have a specific name? I like the progressive house that's currently popular, but find that it's mostly still a different style from the James Holden mixes of said period. Maybe it's just the nostalgia speaking?

I'm looking for this specific Border Community/James Holden style, with that layer of electronica.

Closest I found is Lanny May and Ryan Davis.

Thanks for the help


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