[Electronica] Furious Tea - Same City
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[Electronica] Furious Tea - Same City


In my recent productions I've usually been using a combination of a few hardware synths, drum machines, sampler etc, the built in ableton stuff, sample packs from vengeance and the like and a range of soft synth VSTs.

So I decided to set myself a challenge, I wasn't allowed to use any of the synthesis tools or sample packs that I'd usually use, and could only use things I record with my microphone and real instruments.

In the end I used cello, acoustic bass, voice and some household items. I recorded and produced it in one day [it's only 3 minutes long], and while it's not my finest work, it has taught me to think about recording things myself before reaching for that sample pack.

Oh yeah and I cheated slightly with the kick - I sampled it from a record - but that was the only sample that wasn't recorded directly in my living room.

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I suggest trying it out. It was really fun and I feel adding that human element to my future tracks is going to really help my productions.

If you do try it out I'd love to hear the results!

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