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Can you help me recognise this track?

Hello all,

I am not familiar with techno music i must admit.

I have listened to all of my old tapes I recorded from the radio (approximatively 250 between 1985-2005), there were 3000 tracks on them, 1500 of which I didn't have a reference so I had to look for them, I managed with some help to discover most of them, there are now just about a hundred songs with missing references left, that's quite good.
But amongst this last 100 unknown songs, there are a few techno tracks that really were impossible to recognise, and some of them i really really like and I've had these sounds in my head for so many years i really have to know beacause I want to buy their albums for 20 years and i can't!!!

So here I am, because I hope you music lover will be able to help me recognise a song or two. If it were not important to me i wouldn't be there so i thank you in advance for your help.

Here is about the favourite song i'm looking for:

Apparently it's by a band called Men Second (Main Second?) , which used to be really into pure techno, but this track (around 1987-90) is more ...hmm, 'middle techno'.
Do you know such band? i couldn't find this name on Discogs or some other site...

I have uploaded two samples on the site 'watzatsong', type-in my alias 'fabieng' and you'll be able to listen to them.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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