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(Ableton) Live Rack: Fixed Filter bank

aight. so i did this handsome video and all that to demonstrate this thing and it kind of didn't work 8after the recording was done mind you), so fuck that.

i made a fixed filter bank. sine it's live it's not fixed at all and you can easily customize all the frequencies to your.. fancy, but it's based on some old moog filter bank designs i found one.
i tried to get the curves as close as possible to the original, and when you set them to BW 5, they are pretty much almost dead on to what it's based on 8which i can't find a link for right now anyways).

i'm drunk so yeah, here it is:

now, as for an explanation about it: it's got 11 fixed frequency bands, and each of them works.. well.. like an 11 band equalizer. thing is, when tset to 0db they are cancelled out via a phase inversion chain, and when pulled blow 0db (that is -db, mind you) they behave as a normal non-peaking filter, but when pushed above 0db gain they start to peak

each band has it's own bandwidth control, meaning that each band has it's own really amazing way of contorlling just how much of the "center" of the frequency selection is being released through the output.

if you'se seen a fixed filter bank you know what it does, but this one has BW per band, as well as being openenede since it's live so you can select each band as you want. it's light on cpu, it's incredibly userfiendly, and it also happens to sound incredibly fucking great.

here's a tip: try doing a +15db - 15db zigzag patterna nd map the bandwidth knob on each frequency band to the same knob and tweak that. you'll be amazed at how playable and musical this thing is, while virtually being a set and forget thing heh.

of course, the BW per band is there to really let you have the control over the shape and tonality of your sound.

get it, use it, love it (or hate it haha!)
yeahm sorrym a bit drunk but here goes.


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