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Get your joystick on!
59 12 101 0
11:14 AM
For players of acoustics, electrics, basses, mandolins, banjos, etc.
125 12 121 0
03:32 AM
This group was created for anyone using the MuLab DAW from It's not meant to be a support forum and isn't conected to in any way..just a place for users on IDMf to post and share stuff about this DAW. If you have any tips or tricks regarding the use of MuLab, then please feel free to post them here.
4 10 19 0
09:23 PM
Electronic Music Genre
This group is a dedicated space on IDMf for those who like to make ambient soundscapes..wide epic stuff, the bigger the better!
4 10 51 0
12:50 PM
Non-Electronic Music Genre
All the members from the Bay Area! Discuss live events, get togethers, etc etc.
22 10 24 0
04:53 AM
The Boards of Canada fangroup. Dedicated to analog synthesizers, obscure 70s movies, childhood, public broadcasting, tape saturation, the color turquoise, hexagon suns, backmasking vocal samples, Scotland, bonfires, marijuana, sampled percussion and the Branch Davidians. You know who you are Boccers. Come forth and join your brothers.
119 9 41 0
09:30 AM
Group for users to share tips, patches, externals, and other Max/MSP related stuff.
54 8 24 0
11:27 PM
Non-Electronic Music Genre
For all who love black metal! \m/
15 7 35 0
03:52 PM
Electronic Music Genre
This is a group for all us Edinburgh based artists and promoters to gather and discuss music and other random shite. Promote gigs, arrange meet-up's, chat and have fun.
16 7 29 0
04:40 PM
A group for users of Cakewalk SONAR, to discuss tips, techniques, instruments, effects, and pretty much anything related to Cakewalk SONAR.
11 7 18 5
06:48 PM
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