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12:46 PM
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07:06 AM
The Boards of Canada fangroup. Dedicated to analog synthesizers, obscure 70s movies, childhood, public broadcasting, tape saturation, the color turquoise, hexagon suns, backmasking vocal samples, Scotland, bonfires, marijuana, sampled percussion and the Branch Davidians. You know who you are Boccers. Come forth and join your brothers.
119 9 41 0
08:30 AM
Aaron Funk fans, join here
65 6 12 1
02:04 PM
A group for fans of the glitch/industrial band Gridlock. Gridlock was an experimental electronic band originally created by Mike Wells in 1994. A year later, Mike Cadoo joined up, and they soon signed to Pendragon Records in 1997. Their style was originally akin to the sound of early Skinny Puppy with less vocals and an ambient aspect not normally found in industrial. Eventually, they took on a more epic soundscape; slowly refining their traditional industrial influence and cultivating an experimental sound, combining elements of ambient, drum and bass, idm/glitch, and noise. On March 24, 2005, the band announced its dissolution on its website, but promised to continue making music under Wells’ and Cadoo’s respective side projects.
17 4 18 4
07:33 PM
You can't have sex with us. At least legally. In most states. Anyway, young producers, 18 & under, join up and show off your chops. If your over 18 I call Dateline and that guy shows up at your house.
43 5 32 0
11:53 PM
For those of you who live on the wang of America.
16 5 34 0
08:34 PM
Get your joystick on!
58 12 101 0
10:14 AM
This is a group for members who want to remix other member's music, have their stuff remixed, or collaborate with others. Please invite any members you think may be interested. RULES: All material made available by members via this page must be free from copyright. Any threads containing material that violates copyright will be deleted - no non-member or commercial remixes here please.
292 46 228 0
01:25 PM
Here it is... The NIN group! post anything(legal) related to Nine Inch Nails. News, pictures, videos, thoughts...
40 5 11 0
11:31 PM
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