DJs, help me please
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DJs, help me please

If there is any dj here, i would like to ask them a question. It's very important for me, tonight I will be going to a small club in my city to try as a dj, im like the only contestant. But i know how to beatmatch manually, without sync, but i've touched a cdj only once, and its been so long since there. I am nervous as f*ck + i really need this job, it would be my dream. Any tips, advices, point me to some tutorials online so i can feel sure i will get this job. Thank you in advance. ps: i dont know if this is the right section to post this


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Re: DJs, help me please

Its very hard to help you like this as you listed no hardware music your playing abd etc. Anyhow your best bet is youtube and google and a good reskurce I can give you is they have a very good free online course.

- Melo
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Re: DJs, help me please

I would also be nervous trying out for a job if I didn't know my shit.

Reading up on tutorials now likely won't save your ass.

If you know your shit and still nervous just deal with it.

I wish you the best of luck though and next time to increase chances, practice and know what you do before applying for such a job.
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Re: DJs, help me please

It's okay, I mean, first of all it takes balls to just come out and admit you signed up for a job and are completely green to dj'ing.

Second, it takes balls (or high foolishness) to accept a job dj'ing when you're new to dj'ing.

Third, I did the same damn thing.

I've been producing for two years but have never dj'd; I started a new project and we landed a gig, a two-hour set in July. But since it was July and I knew what equipment I wanted to use, I went for it.

I have Traktor Pro and got a used Hercules RMX a while back off of craigslist. It works great but it left me wanting more options and a different layout, somehow. Then I met a guy who plays w/ Ableton and uses an Akai APC40. And I saw a producer perform with that mixer + Traktor. A week later a guy off of craigslist again was selling his APC40 for a buck 20. I was sold and so was his almost-new equipment.

And now, I "play dj" every day at home. Every day, no matter if I want to or not. At least 20 minutes I tell myself - but it almost always turns into an hour. The more you do it, the better it'll feel, lol.

As to tricks and bells and whistles - I wouldn't worry about it yet. Don't worry about fancy stuff. You will learn (through other people's online instruction) how to beatmatch, and you'll arrange your playlists in such a way so that the songs will work well together and flow. Worry about getting through a solid hour without screwing up. Once you can mix seamlessly, one song into the next, then you can move on to the next level of performance.

Just look up youtube tutorials that instruct using the same software and hardware you're using. And good luck! Practice EVERY day.

Oh - and one more really important thing - DO use Harmonic Mixing. It's a theory, nothing you need to buy. Download a demo of Virtual DJ, it will tell you what key your songs are in, then edit their info in your dj software so you know when to use them. Here's the explanation and a handy color wheel of Harmonic Mixing:

(sorry it's not a link; I'm too new to the forum apparently to be allowed to do that *eye-rollage*)


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