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Re: How to criticize your own music like a normal listener?

(i think this is a variation of the "compare to other tracks of same genre wich you like" advice)

it might sound silly, and my emglish skills are maybe not good enough to present it well, but what actually helps me is...

when i find myself again sitting there thinking my music is the real hot shit, i go further that way and try to listen to it as if it would be for example the latest AFx album or whatever band/artist the track fits to genrewise...
suddenly i hear all the mistakes and everything what is not yet ready... hard to explain, but the effect is quite perplexing, and usefull for me.

The point is to try really hard to convince yourself that this IS a track from album/artist xy... this works more on a emotional level of course.
I think this works fine, because we are much more picky when it comes to famous musicians than when listening to our own bedroom music.
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